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Last night Arc en Ciel was booked to sing in the lovely little church in Neulles, a simple stone building with wonderful acoustics.

The gig went very well, to a full house^Wchurch (in spite of the day's sudden change from warm-and-dry to imminent flood). We refused to do a third encore, being knackered after having Given our All, but gratefully acknowledged the standing ovation.

There were only three-and-a-half sops to eight altos so we three audible squeakers had to sing can belto, especially in the divisi passages. I belted so much that I was apparently heard clearly over the basses, and though it was gratifying to be congratulated by audience members on my voice, it was also embarrassing because a choir is, well, a team thing. Oops. Anyway, I much enjoyed contributing the middle-Eastern-style trills on the final fortissimo of the Hebrew folksy Shalom Hevenou.

Helen Charrier accompanied a few pieces on electric piano, sometimes on organ setting; she and Jean-Marc Prevost, the director, had a lovely instrumental section in the programme, in which Jean-Marc's beloved new basset-horn had its first public outing. He also played it in an encore, Mozart's Piu non si trovano, demonstrating that we could be directed from a wind instrument. Well, we'd assured him we could, so it was good to prove it.

French rural choirs may be not up to a Verdi Req, but the concert experience from a performer's viewpoint is great because the punters are so enthusiastic, as well as turning up in droves. By contrast, back in East Anglia Philip Thorby's superb vocal ensemble Capella Antiqua used to count the audience as they came in and celebrate as soon as they outnumbered the performers. Perhaps it's because there are so few choirs in Charente Maritime, compared to the hundreds in Anglia, but I think it's more than that.

The programme was:
Mozart Nocturnes 1-4, two gospel songs, some Russian Orthodox liturgicals (lush!), 4-part version of Somewhere (in French), Psalm 103 in Hebrew, anonymous late medieval Ave Maria, Handel's Canticorum Jubilo, Jenkins' Cantilena, Bruckner's Locus Iste, a Venezuelan canon, and Shalom Hevenou.
It wasn't recorded, which was a shame.

Date: 2012-10-11 09:41 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] ngakmafaery sounds like a lovely time get someone to record it...!


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