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Inspired by a group sing at this weekend's Minicon convention, I wanted to create a community here on Dreamwidth focused on making music in all forms.

The community profile says a lot - I want this to be a space for people who are making music to share what they're doing, and the questions and ideas they have. Doesn't matter what kind of music, or what instruments, or anything else, as long as someone's making it.

More specifically, I hope for this to be a place for talking about...
- finding people to make music with
- joining in with music circles at all sorts of gatherings
- writing or composing music
- performing in casual and formal settings
- choosing instruments, practicing technical skills
- learning music

... and all sorts of other practical skills along those lines, as well as the more philosophical bits. I hope for this to be a place where people who are new and dipping a toe in for the first time will feel comfortable asking basic questions, and where people with more experience will talk about the next steps along the road, or some of the options people have once the basic stuff is comfortable.

Your maintainer:
I'm [personal profile] jenett. I was somewhat scarred by being a music major in college, and in the years since have been working my way back towards making the music I want, and finding places to share it. It's been tending to be a two steps forward, one step back sort of thing, and I want people to share that kind of journey with.

My instruments of preference are my voice (more or less a mezzo-soprano, these days) and folk harp (that's a color-shifted picture of her in my icon). I've done a moderate amount of composition for Pagan religious settings, but am trying to get up the courage to do more (and more in other settings.) This community is partly my way of helping keep myself honest with that goal. I hope it's just as useful to others!

Like all shiny new communities, I expect this description will change over time, as people find us and make us a home. For the foreseeable future, I'll be posting open questions every so often to get us started. Feel free to post anything that seems on topic whenever you like: we'll work from there.


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